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The Supplement Store (

Hey Guys-

Just wanted to tell you all about my supplement retailer of choice, The Supplement Store!

This is a great website and has unbeatable prices on over 2500 of the best sports and bodybuilding supplements around. Couple this with an unrivaled reward and loyalty scheme, and reliable delivery service (priority delivery on orders over £75), and it is a no brainer as to where to get your supps online!!!

And what the guys at TSS have done, is offer all Shaun Stafford Training friends, family and clients an additional 10% off any order before the 30th Sept 2011!!! All you have to do is type in the voucher code SHAUN10, and it will take the 10% off… it is that easy!!!

I have just put in a huge order with a few new products, so I will be writing a review or two, and will let you know whether to branch out and try something new, or stick with what you know!!!

Check out the site, and would love to hear your feedback!!!

Posted by: shaunstafford | August 23, 2011

FAME UK Fitness Championships 2011


So here are some of the photos from the FAME UK Fitness Championships 2011. I stepped out on stage a bronzed and glossed 81kgs and 5% bodyfat. This was lighter than I had hoped, but my dryness really showed on stage, and my overall size was good for the fitness class.

The competition was made up of 3 sections; individual t-walk, 1/4 turn comparisons, and themewear. The t-walk involves an individual walk where the competitors have 4 poses on stage to highlight their physique and try and score points with the judges. The 1/4 turns involve direct comparisons with other competitors from all angles, with a series of set poses. The final section is themewear, where the competitors have 60 seconds to show the judges a little personality and have fun with an individual routine… I chose a spartan warrior for mine!!! So how did I get on?!?

I WON!!!! After the months of hard-work, and all the joys of competition day, I came away with the top mark in my category, and the opportunity to represent the UK in the FAME WORLDs in December in Las Vegas.

So what next?!? Vegas Baby… stay tuned for all my updates on my journey to The World Championships in Dec 2011!!!

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The Transformation of 2011…

So this years January Fat Loss Challenge had a bit more to it than in previous years… it wasn’t just for one month. After seeing my friend and client Michelle Brannan do so well in her physique competitions, I decided to enter the FAME UK Fitness Model Championships in June 2011. This gave me 16 weeks to drop as much bodyfat as I could, and get down to a level where my body was in the sort of condition to step out on stage and do my self justice… which if any of you know me, means in good enough condition to win!!!

As the photos show, there was a considerable change; photo 1, 95kgs, c.17%bodyfat. Photo 2, 83kgs, c.6%bodyfat. This was the most drastic transformation I had achieved, and this was still with one week to go before the competition, and a week of deyhdration and depletion…

I hope these photos give you inspiration as to what can be achieved in a relatively short period of time with a little hard work and a lot of discipline… for more info on the diet and training plans that got me into this sort of shape, please email me on

So how did I get on in the competition… stay tuned, and I’ll fill you in…

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It’s Been A While…

Hey Guys-

It has been a while since my last post (about 6 months), but what a six months it has been!

There has been loads of articles for Men’s Fitness Magazine, as well as bringing a couple of new publications into my bank of contributions; thanks to Ultra-fit Magazine, Physique Magazine, and Muscle & Fitness for all running features on me, or articles that I have written…

I have also undergone my most drastic transformation yet; this years’ January fat loss challenge took up a new sense of gravitas this year with a physique/ fitness competition as the carrot and stick at the end. Check in for the next few posts to see the results, and see how I got on in the FAME UK Fitness Model Championships!

I have also set up a fitness blog/ fan page on Facebook; check out Shaun Stafford Fitness and ‘like’ it… this will keep you up to date with daily workouts, diet tips and training advice…

Sorry for being away, but I’m back now, and more focused than ever!!! Stay Tuned…

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More Great Results…


This last year saw many clients achieve some pretty impressive things. Darren started the year at 99kgs, and a little under 30% body fat. With a years hard work, and some consistent healthy eating, he got his weight down to 81kgs and his body fat under 15%. His primary goal was to shape up for a beach holiday early in the year, but after he got such great results before his trip, he moved the goal posts and set his sights on getting as fit and lean as he could before anther trip away in December.

To lose 18kgs and half your body fat is a great achievement, and here is what he said about it; ‘I approached Shaun early in the year as I had been recommended by a friend. I had had personal training before, so thought I knew what to expect, but from the first couple of sessions, I knew this would be different! Shaun took control of everything from my training, to my diet, and kept me motivated though out the whole process! I can now see why he came so highly recommended, and would recommend him to anyone looking to drop body fat and shape up quickly’.

It has been a great year for SST Athlete & PT Michelle Brannan! Having started the year as a relatively novice trainer at just under 20% body fat, she worked hard to get ready for her first figure competition, FAME UK Bikini. She got down to 13% and took 1st place in her category. She followed this up later in the year with a 1st place at the UKBFF Mr Hercules, and is now training hard for the 2011 British Grand Prix in March, and the UKBFF British Finals at the end of the year. Off the back of her impressive CV, she has appeared as a trainer on The Active Channel working with Miss England, and has landed several sponsorship deals, most notably with Iso-pure Supplements! For more info on Michelle or her training, log on to

Another client dipping their oar into a challenge is Justin Johanneson. 35 year old Justin is an ultra-marathon runner, a triathlete and mountaineer whose achievements include the Marathon Des Sables, The IronMan, and Mont Blanc!!! He is now part of Team Hallin as they take on the world record attempt for the fastest ocean crossing… they plan to be the first team to complete the race in under 30days!!! Justin worked hard on his conditioning in the run up to his departure, and I’m sure he will be an integral part of the teams success!!! To follow how they are getting on, log on to

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The Latest Amazing Results

When Ben started with Shaun Stafford Training, he was over-weight and out of shape! At the end of his first year of training he has dropped his bodyfat by over 13%, as well as driving all his strength and fitness test scores through the roof! His commitment to his diet and training is a true testament to what can be done when you get consistency around a 12hour desk job! Here is what he had to say…

“Working with Shaun has helped me achieve results beyond what I thought was Possible. Rather than continue to train the way I had in the past, I decided to seek his advice and expertise! I was amazed at how quickly his training techniques produced results. Working together, we came up with a complete plan of training, nutrition, supplementation, and rest (haha) to reach my goals. If you are willing to put in the effort, Shaun and his team will work with you every step of the way to make sure you achieve the success you deserve”.

If you are interested in the methods behind Ben’s amazing transformation, please get in contact at and see how the team can turn your health, fitness and body around!!!

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2011 Prices & Block Discounts

In light of the current economic conditions, training prices will be frozen for the start of 2011! Training can be purchased in the following blocks:

Pay As You Go: Initial session £120, every session after £65.

Block of 10: £600. (£60/session).

Block of 20: £1100. (£55/session).

To purchase a block of training, or for any other information on training and the services we offer email

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Best Results of The Year!

Here are some of the best results of the year!

I have selected three of the best before and after photos from the past 12 months, to show what can be achieved with a bit of hard work and determination. I hope these examples inspire you to take control of your training and work hard to get to where you want to be!

Well done to everyone who has worked so hard this year: as a client base we have lost well over 150% bodyfat in 12 months!!!

Pras B.

Pras started with Shaun Stafford Training an injured and overweight banker 6 months ago. Since then he has kissed good bye to his shoulder injury, started training hard, and has taken control of his diet, dropping over 12% in little over 4 months. He has also seen massive gains in strength and fitness, and his before and after photos are a testament to his hard work and ‘no excuses’ attitude! Here is what he has to say:

‘Training with Shaun has been a life changing experience! He has instilled a ‘never say die’ attitude in me, and won’t let me settle for anything less than my best… the results are now there for everyone to see, and I am a convert for life! His methods, know-how and motivation are the best I have ever seen, and will work for any body willing to do what it takes!’

Freddy S

As you can see, Freddy has really changed his body in just the few months he has been training with Shaun. In five months, he dropped 9kgs in unwanted weight, went from 22% bodyfat to a trim 11%, and increased the size of his chest, back, arms and legs, whilst dropping inches off his waist!

He also has gone through the roof with his strength, nearly doubling his overall bench press, pull-up and squat scores from his initial testing values. He is a great example of how to change around your lifestyle, and get to where you want to be with minimum fuss. Here is what he had to say;

‘Since training with Shaun, my time spent in the gym has been really productive. I used to train 3 x/week, but never really get anywhere. Since meeting Shaun and getting onboard with his program, I have kept the amount of training time the same, but now I leave the gym exhausted having crammed twice the amount of work into a session. He has also given me some great advice and guidance with my diet and supplements, and the results speak for themselves!’

‘I can’t recommend him highly enough; he now trains 3 other guys from my office, and they all love the training and are on their way to similar results to mine…’

Ryan B

When Ryan started training at Shaun Stafford Training he was already in good shape; a lean 12% bodyfat and toned 66kgs. He wanted to put on some size and weight, whilst staying lean… the Valhalla for most guys into their training.

After fixing his diet and putting some structure into his training, 6 weeks later saw him sit at 70kgs and at an incredible 6% bodyfat. He put 6cm on his chest, 2 cm on his arms, 4 cm on his legs, whilst dropping 8cm from his waist.

‘Shaun really gave my training a boost and the six weeks of training was the hardest I have ever done! I started seeing results after just one week and they kept going right ‘til the end of the program. I fully recommend him and his methods to anyone serious about getting results!’

Shaun S

Anything you can do…

What started out as a fun challenge for me, ended up being a really good wake-up call, and an eye opener in terms of what is achievable in a short period of time. Being out with a serious injury for 6 months coupled with a slackening off of my dietary habits, lead me to be a fairly out of shape 92.5kgs and 17.7% bodyfat.

After a month (4 weeks) of hard graft; a very disciplined & focused diet, 4-5 x  per week training sessions, and a boat load of supplements, I eeked in at a respectable 84.5kgs and 11.9% bodyfat. It worked out at an 8kgs loss and a reduction of 5.8% bodyfat! I kept it going past the 4 weeks, and got down to 9%, which was low enough to see my pancreas creating insulin, so I decided to stop there!

If you want to achieve these sort of results, or want information on any of the training, nutrition, or supplementation, please get in touch with Shaun at or via the contact section of the website! We look forward to hearing from you…

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Shaun Completes the PICP Level 3 Course

Shaun has recently come back from Rhode Island, USA, where he attended the PICP Level 3 Course. He was one of a small group of trainers from all over the world, and was one of 3 UK trainers in attendance.

The Poliquin International Certification Program was first designed to internationally recognize strength coaches who demonstrate the knowledge and skills to effectively train athletes and clients worldwide.

P.I.C.P now takes distinction in giving strength coaches and personal trainers the highest quality of education.  The program provides our coaches and trainers with unsurpassed skills in teaching methodology, client assessments and program design.

It is the mission of the Poliquin International Certification Program to globally foster and educate strength coaches and personal trainers.  Providing them with superior education and practical application, in turn will raise the level of sport performance and healthy lifestyle ideas.  Poliquin Performance was founded on this philosophy and it continues to be the driving force to help us remain the world leader in strength and conditioning education.

This course will equip Shaun with the skills and knowledge to teach Athletes up to the National and International Level.

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Shaun Writes for Men’s Fitness Magazine!

Here  snippet from the article for May’s Issue of Men’s Fitness Magazine.

Make your next training session better than the last!!!

1) If you are following a set program, try switching the order of the exercises around!

Doing specific lifts at different stages of your workout varies the overload the

muscles will experience, and should allow you to increase the weights for the first

few exercises. But beware, you may have to drop the weights at the back end of the

workout to accommodate the muscle fatigue!

2) Do the exercises you hate! When people train, they always focus on the things

they are good at, and neglect the ones they struggle with. Spending the odd session

giving those rotator cuffs, lower back muscles, or hamstrings a good turning over will

pay dividends in the long run, and make you sore as hell the next day too!

3) Play with your rest periods! If you are going for strength gains, give yourself that

extra minute or twos recovery (up to 4mins) to let your Central Nervous System get

ready. If you are hitting a fat burn session, drop the rest to under a minute between

sets, or perform circuit based training. If focusing on muscle building, keep the rest

between 70-100 seconds between sets, and try and keep the workout under 50

minutesto keep those cortisol levels to a minimum! Switching up the rest adds

a varied stimulus to your lifting equation, and will intensify the training effect!

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